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Elizabeth Tibbetts

Liz grew up in Michigan and then moved to an equally cold place to do her PhD at Cornell. Having enough of that business, she did her postdoctoral research in Arizona. Returning to the cold that she knows so well, Liz became a faculty member at the University of Michigan. Liz has built a career examining the evolution of communication, cooperation, and cognition. In her free time, she is raising two kids while also attempting to use her animal behavior expertise on her poorly behaved dog.

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Graduate Students

Emily Laub

Emily grew up in Michigan and then attended Duke University for undergrad. There, she worked with snails, monkeys, and moths before heeding the siren call of Michigan and heading home to work with wasps. She is interested in the evolution of cooperation, social behavior, and cognition. Emily’s work is supported by the NSF GRFP, the National Geographic Early Career Grant, and the Rackham Pre-doctoral Fellowship. When she’s not chasing wasps around, Emily’s hobbies include cooking, painting, and gardening.

Juanita Pardo Sanchez

Juanita was born in Colombia and grew up in Georgia. She joins us from Georgia Tech where she played with meerkats and lizards at Zoo Atlanta. She begrudgingly experiences the Michigan winters while studying the evolution of specialized cognitive evolution in paper wasp. Juanita started as a Frontiers masters student and has continued on to do her PhD in the lab. Her work is funded by the Rackham Merit Fellowship and the NIH Genetics Training Program. When not in the lab, you can find Juanita on a run, traveling, or lovingly curating this website.

Chloe Weise

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Chloe just can’t get enough of those “Go Blue” vibes. She worked in the Tibbetts lab as a stellar undergrad and continued to work in the lab as a master’s student. Her work focuses on phenotypic variation and concept learning. She is also pursuing a Bioinformatics degree. In her free time, Chloe enjoys drawing, playing the oboe, and reading.

Nat Bostelman

Nat joins us from Bowling Green, Ohio. Nat worked with whip spiders which are exactly as terrifying as they sound! Nat is interested in perception and is excited to begin their doctoral work at Michigan. Nat likes to bird watch and read.

Undergraduate Students

Fiona CorcoranEcology and Evolutionary Biology 2023
Nicholas DabagiaEcology and Evolutionary Biology 2024
Max EwingEcology and Evolutionary Biology 2024
Micah GolanHistory; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Minor 2024
Eleanor Mills
Anna ViEcology and Evolutionary Biology 2024

Lab Alumni

Fatime Jomaa (B.S)Lab Technician, University of Michigan
Sophia Moon (M.S.)Ph.D student, University of Michigan
Michelle Fearon (Ph.D)Post-doc, University of Michigan
Preston VanAlstine
Hannah Zonnevylle (B.S.)Gateway to the Great Outdoors AmeriCorp
Emily Lancaster (B.S)Graduate student, University of Oklahoma
Catherine Tait (B.S)Graduate student, Colorado State University
Allison Injaian (M.S.)Ph.D. student, University of California at Davis
Mike Sheehan (Ph.D.)Faculty, Cornell University
Amanda Izzo (Ph.D.)Sr. Science Writer, Institute for Disease Modeling
Kellie Donajowski (B.S.)Graduate student, University of Michigan
Martin Kardos (B.S.)Graduate student, University of Montana
Judy Jinn (B.S.)Graduate student, UC Berkeley
Stephanie Levy (B.S.)Graduate student, Northwestern University
Devan Rouse (B.S.)Wildlife rehabilitation intern
John Shorter (B.S.)Graduate student, NC State University
Cassondra Vernier (B.S.)Graduate student, Washington University in St. Louis
Mike Wells (B.S.)Graduate student, University of Minnesota
Jenny Du (M.S.)Law student, Harvard Law School
Nicole Desjardins (B.S.)Graduate student, University of Arizona
Christian Cely Ortiz (Ph.D.)
Ellery Wong (B.S.)Graduate student, University of Tel Aviv
Cailin McLean (B.S.)
Daniel Nondorf (B.S.)Graduate student, University of Kansas
Madeleine Dwortz (B.S.)Graduate student, UT Austin
Mary Ellen Zbrozek (B.S.)Graduate student, Jagiellonian University
Madeleine Frank (B.S.)Graduate student, University of Michigan
Cara Fleming (B.S.)Civil engineer for US Army Corps of Engineers
Kelly Lam (B.S.)Program consultant at the Environmental Grantmakers Association
Yorick Oden-Plants (B.S.)Research analyst at Industrial Economics Inc
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