tibbettsElizabeth Tibbetts

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michelle fearon   Michelle Fearon

Research interests: Multi-host pathogen prevalence and transmission in pollinator communities altered by habitat loss; role of pollinator behavior in pathogen transmission.


cely  Christian Cely Ortiz

Research interests: Multi-modal communication, geographic variation in recognition

Juan Du Jenny Du

Research interests: The evolution of general intelligence

Meagan Simons

Emily Laub


Nicole Desjardins

Madeleine Dwortz

Cailin McLean

Daniel Nondorf

Ellery Wong


Lab Alumni:

Emily Lancaster (B.S)- graduate students, University of Oklahoma

Catherine Tait (B.S)- graduate student, Colorado State University

Allison Injaian (M.S.) – Ph.D. student, University of California at Davis

Mike Sheehan (Ph.D.) – faculty, Cornell University

Amanda Izzo (Ph.D.) – Sr. Science Writer, Institute for Disease Modeling

Kellie Donajowski (B.S.) – graduate student, University of Michigan

Martin Kardos (B.S.) – graduate student, University of Montana

Judy Jinn (B.S.) – graduate student, UC Berkeley

Stephanie Levy (B.S.) – graduate student Northwestern University

Devan Rouse (B.S.) – Wildlife rehabilitation intern

John Shorter (B.S.) – graduate student, NC State University

Cassondra Vernier (B.S.) – graduate student, Washington University in St. Louis

Mike Wells (B.S.) – graduate student, University of Minnesota