Welcome to the Tronson Lab!


The main goal of our research is to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying learning, and the formation and ongoing maintenance of memory.
The main themes of our research are: Sex differences, molecular mechanisms of memory, and modulation of learning memory by neuroimmune signaling.

For further details, please see “Current Research”

Congratulations Dr. Ashley Keiser!

Dr. Keiser, signing the UM Psychology Book of Knowledge, April 2018.

Dr. Ashley Keiser successfully defended her PhD thesis “Sex differences in retrieval of context fear: Behavioral and neural mechanisms”, defeated the snakes, and became the first graduate with a PhD from the Tronson Lab.
She is now en route to UC Irvine to join Marcelo Wood’s lab as a postdoctoral fellow

Congratulations Ashley!

Summer 2015

Welcome to our new lab members! Joining us in summer 2015: post-doctoral fellow Katie Collette, graduate student Daria Tchessalova, and undergraduate student Emma Pollner. Also, welcome back to undergraduate student Mara Darian who studied abroad in France last semester!

November 2014

New Tronson Lab publication is out in the Molecular Cellular Cognition Society special issue of Neurobiology of Learning & Memory.

Donzis EJ, Tronson NC (2014) Modulation of learning by cytokines: Signaling mechanisms and long term consequences. Neurobiology of Learning & Memory 115:68-77

May 2014

CONGRATULATIONS to the graduating students! From our lab: Lacie Turnbull, graduating with Highest Honors in Neuroscience; to Danielle DuBois, and to Phil Guison!