Katie Alltop

From: Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Education: Katie is a third-year student majoring in MCDB and Psychology.

How she ended up here: Katie joined Tronson Lab after applying to join the lab to take Psych 331.

Research interests: Katie is interested in sex differences in memory formation as well as the effect of sleep on memory.

What she’s studied in the past: In the past, Katie studied the factors that influence the quality of challengers in senate primary elections under the research of Dr. Jason Byers.

What she’s studying now: Currently Katie is working on a project looking at the difference in brain activation in response to continuous and partial reinforcement.

Involvements outside of the Tronson lab: Katie is involved in Science Learning Community (SLC) as a chemistry and biology tutor. Katie is also a member of UMS Choral Union.

Hobbies/Fun Facts: In her free time Katie enjoys singing, playing the guitar, attempting to play soccer and climbing.

Email: kalltop@umich.edu