European Union Data

On this page you can find data on legislation of the EU: laws that passed by the cooperation procedure (152 SYNs), the codecision procedure (79 CODs), roll-call votes (67 RCVs from January 1989 to May 1989, 43 RCVs from June 1989 to Feb 1991 and 61 RCVs from Feb 1991 to June 1991), as well as instructions about how to open and read the corresponding documents. The data were collected by NSF grant # SBR 9511485.


Legislation Adopted by Cooperation ProcedureCodebook
Legislation Adopted by Codecision ProcedureCodebook
Roll-call Votes (Jan 1989-May 1989)
Roll-call Votes (June 1989 – Feb 1991)
Roll-call Votes (June 1991 –  1993)