María Natalia Umaña, PhD (PI)

I am a forest community ecologist interested in understanding how plant communities function and are structured. My approach considers information from organismal traits at the individual and species levels as well as spatially explicit long-term demographic data, to gain insight about the ecological processes influencing community composition and dynamics.

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Monique Weemstra – Postdoc

Monique is a root scientist who aims to find out which factors determine the large variation of belowground uptake strategies that plants can adopt in order to deal with their heterogeneous soil environment.

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Samuel Schaffer-Morrison – Ph.D. student

Sam obtained his master’s degree at the University of Michigan at the School for Environment and Sustainability, where he studied the role of mycorrhizal networks on seedling recruitment in Michigan. Before that, he completed his BSc at George Washington University. Sam is interested in forest ecology, functional traits, and mycorrhizal associations.




Xucai Pu – Visiting Scholar

Xucai is a Ph.D. candidate studying at Northeast Forestry University in China. She is interested in studying negative density dependence and functional dissimilarity in seedling communities of temperate forests in China.