First Term Small Lessons

Jaime Munoz-Velazquez, Cohort 2014, Developmental Area.

The first term was full of small lessons I would like to share with others.  My transition to Ann Arbor from the West Coast had a learning curve.  I had to adjust to living with different seasons, it is cold here, so just buy the right gear and you’ll be fine. I learned that building a strong support network is important to one’s success.  Meet people from other departments, it keeps you sane.

Most importantly, I learned to ask questions from everyone, someone knows the answer or someone can at least point you in the right direction. Additionally, I enjoy going to World of Beer or Bill’s Beer Garden for a drink with friends after a long stressful week. Depending on your personality, if you enjoy a low key evening with friends to a night out on the town Ann Arbor has something for you.  You are as productive as you want to be. Don’t forget to also exercise your body and not only your mind.   Pace your work, and listen to your advisor.  Above all, remember the reason why you are here, your research. And finally, there will be many opportunities to do things, choose wisely (when in doubt ask your advisor and others), one can easily become over committed with unnecessary things.