Symposium 2016 Videos

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Science with Passion and A Moral Compass 2016

A Symposium in Honor of John Vandermeer

Welcoming remarks, Diarmaid Ó Foighil and Jerry Smith

Panel I: Science, Politics, and Power  

Ed Russell – Capitalism, environment, and technology

Doug Boucher –Scientists and theories of progressive change

Helda Morales – Women in science in Latin America: politics, power and the influence of Vandermeer

Joseph Graves – Greater is their Sin: Biological determinism in the age of genomics

John Soluri – Academia’s matrix: Migrations, mutations, and mutts

Panel Discussion: 

Short Talks I: A Moral Compass for Science 

Phillis Engelbert –Bio 101

Brian Schultz – Teaching sustainable agriculture in a liberal-arts context

Julie Jedlicka – Building conservation efforts within the university: Creating a bird-friendly campus

Margaret Reeves – Science and the farm labor movement

Scott Schneider – The use and limits of science in protecting workers from occupational hazards

Katherine Yih  The New World Agriculture Group in Nicaragua

Panel Discussion:


Panel II: Towards Sustainable and Just Food Systems


Jahi Chappell – The passion and the moral compass: Strange attractors and a phase-space of political ecology

Catherine Badgley – Transforming the food system

Angus Wright – History as a companion plant for agroecology

Peter Rosset – Social movements, agroecology and food Sovereignty

David Alonso – Will dietary shifts solve the current global environmental crisis?



Short Talks II: Science and a Moral Compass for Understanding, Conserving, and Managing Biodiversity 

Shalene Jha, Stacy Philpott, Heidi Liere, Brenda Lin  Biodiversity, sustainability, and ecosystem services in urban agricultural landscapes

Bruce Ferguson, Paul Foster and Daniel M. Griffith – The matrix in 4D: The temporal dimension of biodiversity conservation in agricultural landscapes

Iñigo Granzow de la Cerda  The role of matrix characteristics on beta-diversity of bryophyte and perennial seed-plant metacommunities in arid scrubland fragments

Javier Ruiz – Changes in tropical forest diversity

Krista McGuire – Fungal (not ant) responses to human land use in the tropics

Eduardo Somarriba – Age-yield-planting density relationships in deciding when to rehabilitate or renovate a cocoa/coffee plantation

Panel Discussion:

Short Talks III: Social and Political Perspectives 

Patrick Christie – Generating knowledge for action: dilemmas and opportunities

Gerald Urquardt – Ecological, social, and political dynamics along Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast

Susan Wright – Knowledge suppressed/knowledge generated: JV and agbiotech vs agroecology

Naim Edwards – From nature’s matrix to urban agroecologist

Ginger Nickerson – John, the Bluefields group, and participatory action research: Modelling love through action

Luis Garcia Barrios and Juana Cruz Morales – Azteca Chess: An educational tool to explore the emergence of autonomous pest control in Mesoamerican shade coffee

Panel Discussion:

Tribute: Deborah Goldberg – John Vandermeer, the consummate ecologist


Panel III: Theory, Data and More Theory


Mercedes Pascual – Some reflections on critical transitions for John

Luis F. Chaves – The dynamics of latifundia formation

Rob Colwell – Contingency and determinism in biology

Theresa Ong, Doug Jackson, Dave Allen and Senay Yitbarek – An insatiable appetite for curiosity: A celebration of “Outside of the Box” in honor of John Vandermeer

Richard Levins: Video Tribute

Keynote Lecture: John Vandermeer – Science with Passion and a Moral Compass