Veatch Research Group – 2016

Principal Investigator

Dr. Sarah Veatch is an Assistant Professor of Biophysics and Physics and has been at the University of Michigan since 2010. She completed her PhD in Physics at the University of Washington with Sarah Keller, where she did pioneering work characterizing coexisting liquid phases in purified membrane vesicles. Sarah conducted  postdoctoral training with Barbara Baird and David Holowka at Cornell University, where she discovered that isolated cell plasma membranes are poised close to a miscibility critical point at growth temperatures and began applying newly developed super resolution localization based imaging techniques to quantify biological membrane heterogeneity.  Sarah has built upon these foundations in her independent laboratory, which aims to understand how cells exploit the mixing properties of plasma membrane lipids to accomplish diverse biological functions.

Sarah has received numerous awards since joining the faculty at UM, including the Howard Prize from Durham University in 2015, the Margaret Oakley Dayhoff award from the Biophysical Society in 2014, and the a Sloan Research Fellowship in 2012.

Dr. Matthew Stone

Postdoctoral Researcher (more…)

Dr. Sarah Shelby

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Dr. Brian DeVree

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Kathleen Wisser

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Julia Bourg

Biophysics Graduate Student


Thomas Shaw

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Rohan Desi

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Former Group Members

Dr. Elin Edwald

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Dr. Krishnan Raghunathan

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Marko Martinovski

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