In the Media

Here are some of the topics on which Webb Keane has been interviewed in the media:wkeane4

Interviews about Ethical Life

  • With Stuart Campbell on Consider This, KZYX Radio
  • Critical Realism Webinar Series
  • With Charity Nebbe on Talk of Iowa on Iowa Public Radio
  • With Ilana Gershon on CAMP Anthropology
  • Religion and Secularism

    “Name that holiday, some say: Clothing urges ‘Christmas’ greeting” Ann Arbor News (Dec 2005)
    Secularism and Christmas for Jack Lessenbery Show, WUOM (National Public Radio), Dec 2005.
    “Relics warm the spirits of Catholics” Detroit Free Press (Nov 1999)
    CBS TV News interview on relics of St Therese (Nov 1999)

    Gifts and Commodities

    Some of the outlets that carried interviews with Webb Keane on this topic between December 1999 and January 2001 were WOMC-FM Detroit, Financial Times (London), FastBand GlobalCast, Toronto Star, Oregonian (Eugene), National Post (Canada), WUOM-FM (NPR, Ann Arbor), USA Today, Omaha World-Herald

    Research in Indonesia

    Tsunami in Aceh, Anthropology Newsletter (Mar 2005)
    Indonesian-language radio interview on Voice of America (Sept 2000)
    “Anthropologist Webb Keane on Language, Ritual, and Social Change” The Journal of the International Institute vol. 8 (3): 6-7 (Spring/Summer 2001)

    Material Culture and Possessions

    “Tips to Help Speed Things Along” Los Angeles Times (Dec 2004)
    “Painted Past: Borneo’s Traditional Tattoos” National Geographic News Online 18 June 2004

    Culture and Cognition

    “White Men Can’t Contextualize” Lingua Franca (April 2001)