wkeane3Undergraduate Courses

Anthro 246 Anthropology of Religion (cross-listed with Religion)

Anthro 332 Exchange, Commodities, and Money

Anthro 374 Language and Culture (cross-listed with Linguistics)

For both Undergraduates and Graduate Students

Anthro 404/504 Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia

Graduate Courses

Anthro 527 Traditions in Ethnology II

Anthro 558 Topics in Ethnology:
These vary from year to year.  Winter 2024: ETHNOGRAPHY BEYOND THE HUMAN

Previous offerings have included “Anthropology of Modernity,” “Exchange, Commodities, and Money,” “Self, Subject, and Person,” and “Performance and Performativity”

Anthro 579 Semiotic Anthropology

Further information on each course is available for enrolled students at the Canvas website