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Our research investigates the genetic basis of phenotypic evolution. The evolution of development, especially mechanisms controlling gene regulation, are of particular interest. Molecular and developmental biology, population and quantitative genetics, genomics and bioinformatics are integrated in this work.

For details of our current research, please see the RESEARCH page.

Lab Olympics September 2016


Back row: Patty Simmer, Bing Yang, Joe Walker, Jon Massey, Petra Vande Zande, Ali Farhat, Fabien Duveau Middle Row:  Rebecca Tarnopol, Abby Lamb, Andrea Hodgins-Davis, Hannah Shuman, Jennifer Lachowiec, Alisha John, Trisha Wittkopp Front row: Daayun chung, Jade Diaz, Morgan!, Elizabeth Walker

Not shown: Lisa Kim, Kiran Ajani, Tricia Lybrook, Madison Drye

Biological Sciences Building, University of Michigan


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