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Undergraduate Research Involvement:

The Zahodne lab offers the opportunity to earn course credit or volunteer. A minimum commitment of one year is required to be a member of the lab and each RA must work 10 hours per week. During that year, RAs learn how to score neuropsychological data and use a participant database as well as interact with participants via phone calls and home visits. Additionally, RAs have the opportunity to be trained on administering extensive health and background questionnaires and cognitive tasks to participants as well as collecting blood spots and leading MRI visits. The Zahodne lab offers hands-on and multidisciplinary research experience where research assistants will work collaboratively and independently while contributing to meaningful research.

The Zadone lab also accepts SROP students each year in which students have the opportunity to work on an independent project while working under Dr. Zahodne.

  • Mentorship
  • Gain human subject research experience
  • Learn about graduate school
  • Work on a senior thesis
Class credit
  • Psych 200
  • Psych 326
  • ULWR

Interested applicants please reach out: