Advantage: Academics

Use our detailed academic program information to decide if Honors is right for you.

The LSA Honors Program is actually two separate experiences under one Program. The lower-division Honors Program is comprised of students who are in their first two years of study. The lower-division focuses on taking a variety of Honors courses across LSA, including from the Honors Core Curriculum, and gives students ample opportunity to explore the richness of the liberal arts while becoming part of the diverse Honors community.

The upper-division Honors Program appeals to students who are further along in their academic careers and are focused on completing their major(s). This option provides students the chance to work on independent research in their department of major or complete an Honors in Engaged Liberal arts (HELA) project. Details regarding specific Honors majors are included in the requirements for each major. You can view the list (and requirements for) all LSA majors here (you can look at each major to view the requirements for both the Honors and non-Honors major). You are welcome to read more about HELA here.

Honors Core

The Honors Core forms the foundation for an Honors education at U-M. Designed specifically for Honors students by innovative faculty, the Honors Core Curriculum provides rigorous, wide-reaching introductory courses across LSA. At the link, scroll down to read more about the Core Courses.


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Honors Classes

Honors allows you to combine the vast resources of a large research university with the kind of personal attention and tight-knit community you might find at a small liberal arts college. We offer a variety of Honors courses across the spectrum of LSA’s vast offerings. Click the link to see current/upcoming Honors courses.


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Sophomore Honors Award

The Sophomore Honors Award was created to encourage students to take full advantage of the opportunities in the program and to recognize outstanding achievement during the freshman and sophomore years.


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Honors & Academics

Many applicants ask how Honors will impact their LSA experience. Honors offers multiple paths for students to enhance their time at Michigan. Students find that Honors not only provides community, but also allows them to deepen and broaden their intellectual experience across the undergraduate degree years.


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Honors Research & Travel Grants

Supplementary funding for Honors students’ activities is made possible by generous donations from our alumni and supporters. These funds are provided to support research for Honors theses, presentations at professional conferences, and international travel.


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Study Abroad Opportunities

A year or semester spent studying abroad is an enriching experience and many Honors students take advantage of foreign study. The University of Michigan sponsors study-abroad programs at universities in many parts of the world.


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