Our Advising Team

Mika LaVaque-Manty

B.A. / Ph.D. / Thurneau Professor /
Director of Philosophy, Politics & Economics and Honors

Professor LaVaque-Manty is the Director of the Honors Program. He has taught the Honors Core Courses

The Games We Play

Lisa Broome

B.A. / M.A. / Ph.D. / Associate Director

Dr. Broome is the Honors Program Associate Director, Senior Advisor, and the chair of the Honors Academic Board.

Gayle Green

B.A. / A.M. / A.B.D. / Assistant Director

Gayle Green is the Honors Assistant Director, a Senior Advisor, member of the Honors Academic Board and manages the admissions process, including Campus Day visits.​

Denise Guillot

B.A. / Ph.D / Senior Pre-Law Advisor

Denise Guillot is a Senior Advisor, member of the Honors Academic Board, and a Pre-Law Advisor working with Honors students interested in careers within the legal field.

Melissa Vert

B.A. / M.A. / Director, Office of National Scholarships & Fellowships

Melissa Vert is the Director of the Office of National Scholarships & Fellowships (ONSF), which is housed within Honors.

John Cantu

B.A. / M.A. / Academic Advisor

John Cantu is an Academic Advisor and member of the Honors Academic Board.


Over 40% of our incoming classes surveyed plan a career in the medical field. Honors advisors are experienced in preparing students for this path. Our program graduates boast an average 80% acceptance rate to medical school. You can check out some basic information here.


Due to their wide-ranging academic interests and research, Honors students are well-placed for scholarships offered by our program, throughout the university, and beyond. You’ll find more information at this link about the support you will find here.