Transfer Students

Are you considering transferring to LSA from another college or university and you’re interested in Honors?

Honors welcomes students transferring from other schools and universities. As the LSA Honors Program offers two separate and very different experiences, there are different application processes for each option. The lower-division Honors Program appeals to students who are generally in their first two years of study and who still have distribution requirements left to meet for LSA. The lower-division program focuses on taking a variety of Honors courses across LSA and gives ample opportunity to explore the richness of the liberal arts. The upper-division Honors Program appeals to students who are transferring in during their final two years of study and are focused on completing their major(s). This option provides students the chance to work on independent research in their department of major. Your application process is based on the number of credit hours transferring in to U-M, as well as which option is the better fit for your plans and goals. You can read more about the Honors Program’s offerings here: While many students do participate in both parts of the Honors Program, some choose to participate in just one. The program is designed to be flexible and allow students to blend the Honors experience seamlessly into their overall college experience. Use the links below to learn more about each path into Honors.

Transferring with interest in the first two years of the Honors Program

If you are transferring with no more than 45 credits and are interested in Honors, after you have been admitted to U-M and LSA, send an email to Honors at with your UMID and a brief paragraph discussing your academic goals and how Honors would be a part of your plans going forward. Be certain to discuss what specifically interests you in the lower-division Program. The Honors Assistant Director will do a preliminary evaluation of your U-M application and contact you about your best path into Honors.

Transferring with interest in the second two years of the Honors Program

Students who transfer to University of Michigan and the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) with junior standing (55 credits or more) may be considered for the Honors Program by their department of major. Click here for details about this process.