Spotlight On: Anita Afonu

anita afonu

Earlier this week, we connected with Ghanaian documentary filmmaker Anita Afonu. Though she is young, the artist’s prolific career has already gained worldwide recognition. Some of her acclaimed documentary work includes African Maestro (2015), a portrait of the life and work of ethnomusicologist Prof. Kwabena Nketia; and Perished Diamonds (2012), a film about “the rise and fall of Ghana’s film industry and the controversial sale of the film industry and its repercussions on Ghanaian cinema, culture and identity in recent times” (Afonu, CV). Afonu has screened her work at several international festivals and panels, including FESPACO, African Women in Film Conference, and at the University of Michigan’s Department of Afroamerican and African studies.

We are pleased to have connected with this rising, transnational film star. Afonu has expressed sincere interest in contributing to our project Audio-Visual Africa, and we are also excited to work with an artist with such clear and unique vision.

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perished diamonds