Paleontology Rocks! Questions

Happy Monday, camp families!! Welcome to Paleontology Rocks camp! This week, we will be learning all about prehistoric animals and dinosaurs. Here’s a summary of what we’ll be learning about this week, and what you can ask you campers about each day!

On Monday, we will learn about Geologic Time, looking into which animals lived when and how long it takes for fossils to form! Ask me…

  • What the supercontinent was called 200+ million years ago
  • How old is the earth?
  • What makes the continents shift?
  • How do organisms become fossils?
  • Which came first, triceratops or crocodiles
On Tuesday, we will learn about the many different types of fossils, and get to see some up close! Ask me…
  • If I became a fossil in the fossilization game.
  • What I found in my excavation activity!
  • What my trilobite cast looks like!
On Wednesday, we will learn all about dinosaurs! Ask me…
  • What makes a dinosaur a dinosaur?
  • What is cladistics?
  • What stegosaurus back plates may have been used for.
  • What my favorite hands on object was!
On Thursday, we will learn about what came after the dinosaurs, the Ice Age! Ask me…
  • The difference between a mastodon and a mammoth
  • What it was like to live during the Ice Age
  • If I won Ice Age Go Fish
  • How I designed my Ice Age Diorama!
On Friday, we will finish the week by learning about what paleontologists do! Ask me…
  • About my dinosaur skeleton puzzle!
  • The meaning of different dinosaur names.
  • The steps to finding dinosaur bones and how they get to the museum!