The 26th Central Association of Teachers of Japanese Conference (CATJ 26)

-Celebrating University of Washington Professor Michio Tsutsui’s Retirement-

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For further inquiries, please directly contact Ms. Oka <>, the director of the Japanese Language Program at University of Michigan.

Program Schedule is now available! (updated 10/20/2015)

ManekiDate: Saturday, October 31 – Sunday, November 1, 2015

Location: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

We are pleased to announce the 26th Central Association of Teachers of Japanese Conference (CATJ) to be held at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Oct. 31­ – Nov.1, 2015 in celebration of University of Washington Professor Michio Tsutsui’s retirement.


(Conference venue: Michigan League 911 N. University Ann Arbor, MI  48109)


(Dinner venue: University of Michigan Museum of Art)

Entitled “Connecting Across Generations,” the main goal of the conference is to bring together Japanese language teachers from different generations in a forum focusing on strategies and innovative methods for maintaining and building healthy Japanese language programs across the country. To this end, we will provide opportunities which encourage all participants at any level to share their thoughts, ideas, and teaching experiences.

Additionally, we are meeting to honor Professor Michio Tsutsui for his contribution to Japanese language education. Professor Tsutsui, co-author of the Japanese Grammar Dictionary series and the intermediate textbook Tobira, has taught Japanese at all levels and is a pioneer in the teaching of Japanese for Specific Purposes. Emeritus Professor Seiichi Makino (Princeton University),  Professor Shigeru Miyagawa (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Professor Naomi McGloin (University of Wisconsin), Professor Wesley Jacobsen (Harvard University) and Professor Osamu Kamada (Nanzan University) will join us in this celebration as invited presenters.

Papers related to the main theme addressing pre­college and/or college-level language education issues are strongly encouraged. Papers on topics related to Japanese pedagogy in general, linguistics, second language acquisition, and technology in language learning and teaching are also welcome. Individual presentations should be 30 minutes long (20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for audience discussion). Each panel will have 3 or 4 presenters and last 60 minutes in total.





日時 10月31日(土)-11月1日(日)

場所 ミシガン大学アナーバー校