Lab Director

Jonathan Brennan : Associate Professor of Linguistics and Psychology

Jonathan Brennan

Associate Professor of Linguistics and Psychology

Post-doctoral Fellows

David Abugaber :

David Abugaber


My project with the CNL involves recording EEGs from both interlocutors in a naturalistic  conversation and comparing the observed brain activity against predictions from different models of grammar, with an emphasis on collecting neurolinguistic data that is as ecologically valid as possible (see NSF award #220372) . Before coming to Michigan I completed my PhD in Dr. Kara Morgan-Short's lab at the University of Illinois - Chicago, where my dissertation used decoding methods to pull apart neural indices of implicit vs. explicit grammar processing in the context of an artificial language experiment

Graduate Students

Tzu-Yun Tung :

Tzu-Yun Tung

Justin Craft :

Justin Craft


I research phonology, speech perception, and their neurological correlates. Particularly, I am interested in the extent to which phonological knowledge interacts with or is influenced by social cognition, general audition, or visual processing during the perception of phonetic and phonological variation and how these interactive processes affect phonological learning, production and sound change.

Jeonghwa Cho :

Jeonghwa Cho

Lauretta Cheng :

Lauretta Cheng

Csilla Tatar :

Csilla Tatar


I’m interested in pragmatic and prosodic information processing in neurodiverse populations; more specifically, my current research examines the contribution of prosody to making the pragmatic inference from ‘literal meaning’ to ‘ironic meaning’ during sarcasm perception.

Junyuan Zhao :

Junyuan Zhao

Honors Students

Haoyu Du :

Haoyu Du

Shuchen Wen :

Shuchen Wen

Jacky He :

Jacky He

Undergraduate Researchers

Chinmay Savanur :

Chinmay Savanur

Maria Figueiredo :

Maria Figueiredo

Kennedy Lloyd :

Kennedy Lloyd

Andrew Hayes :

Andrew Hayes

Anna Machak :

Anna Machak

Navya Gullapuram :

Navya Gullapuram

Sohum Pavaskar :

Sohum Pavaskar

Graduate Alums

  • Tamarae Hildebrandt (PhD 2023)
  • Emily Sabo (PhD 2021) – Research Scientist, Mango Languages
  • Chia-wen Lo (PhD 2021) – Post-doctoral researcher, Max Planck Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences
  • Rachel Weissler (PhD 2021) – Post-doctoral researcher, University of Oregon Department of Linguistics

Undergraduate Lab Alums

  • Areti Majumdar (2022)
  • Jalen Green (2022)
  • Matthew Button (2021)
  • Reegan Katzenberger (2021)
  • Ibrahim Lubis (2021)
  • Meredith Belloni (Lab Manager, 2020)
  • Salim Huerta (2020)
  • Mara Roberts (2020)
  • David Kamper (Honors Thesis, 2020)
  • Samia Elahi (Lab Manager, 2019)
  • Rachael Eby (2017)
  • Tyree Cowell (Honors Thesis, 2017)
  • Claudia Kassouf (2016)
  • Max Cantor (Lab Manager, 2015)
  • Emma Saraff (Honors Thesis, 2015)
  • Kyle Montgomery (2015)
  • Jake Freund (2014)
  • Stefanie Younce (2014)
  • Maggie Ugolini (2014)
  • Maryam Seifeldin (Honors Thesis, 2014)
  • Sara Swierczynski (2013)
  • Patrick Kelley (Honors Thesis, 2013)