Lab Director

Jonathan Brennan : Associate Professor of Linguistics and Psychology

Jonathan Brennan

Associate Professor of Linguistics and Psychology

Lab Manager

Meredith Belloni :

Meredith Belloni

Graduate Students

Chia-wen Lo :

Chia-wen Lo

Rachel Weissler :

Rachel Weissler

Tzu-Yun Tung :

Tzu-Yun Tung

Justin Craft :

Justin Craft


I research phonology, speech perception, and their neurological correlates. Particularly, I am interested in the extent to which phonological knowledge interacts with or is influenced by social cognition, general audition, or visual processing during the perception of phonetic and phonological variation and how these interactive processes affect phonological learning, production and sound change.

Emily Sabo :

Emily Sabo


My research draws from sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic methodologies to answer questions related to accent perception and bilingual language processing. In my most recent work, I compare how monolingual and bilingual listeners respond to various types of lexical ambiguity in order to investigate the cognitive and neural mechanisms that underlie crosslinguistic ambiguity resolution as well as the social priming that modulates how U.S. listeners perceive and categorize Spanish-accented English today.

Jeong Hwa Cho :

Jeong Hwa Cho

Tamarae Hildebrandt :

Tamarae Hildebrandt

Honors Students

David Kamper :

David Kamper

Semantic processing, N400, P600

Undergraduate Researchers

Salim Huerta :

Salim Huerta

Maya Roberts :

Maya Roberts

Ibrahim Lubis :

Ibrahim Lubis

I am interested in the structures and functions of the brain and how they intertwine and complement one another. In my downtime, I typically shoot some hoops with friends or spend time with my family and my cat, Bobbi.

Undergraduate lab Alums

  • Samia ElahiĀ (Lab Manager, 2019)
  • Rachael Eby (2017)
  • Tyree Cowell (2017)
  • Claudia Kassouf (2016)
  • Max Cantor (Lab Manager, 2015)
  • Emma Saraff (2015)
  • Kyle Montgomery (2015)
  • Jake Freund (2014)
  • Stefanie Younce (2014)
  • Maggie Ugolini (2014)
  • Maryam Seifeldin (2014)
  • Sara Swierczynski (2013)
  • Patrick Kelley (2013)