Currents in Music Research (CMR) is edited and curated by graduate students in historical musicology, ethnomusicology, and music theory who are members of the Society for Music Research at the University of Michigan–Ann Arbor. 

Created in 2020 in response to the constantly changing social and political environment we find ourselves in today, CMR addresses pressing contemporary issues in music and music research in a format that allows for an efficient publication process. CMR negotiates the dual issues of accessibility in academia and the need for a timely avenue for critical conversation by taking the form of an entirely web-based journal that can be accessed, free of charge, by any online visitor. We aim to publish a diverse body of work on topics in the fields of music studies, construed broadly. Further, we are interested in forms of knowledge production both within and outside of academia.CMR is open to any and all publication formats, and we encourage creative modes of scholarship. If you have an idea of a non-traditional format for your work, send us a suggestion via the Submit tab.

Biannually, CMR releases a themed collection of articles and essays that are reviewed through our collaborative, non-anonymous peer-review process and are chosen by our board of editors based on general suitability for the journal’s goals of addressing pressing contemporary issues and for their pertinence to the issue’s theme. Through our collaborative, non-anonymous peer review process, authors have the opportunity to work with 2–3 peer reviewers, selected based on their proximity to the article’s subject area, to refine their piece. See our About section for further details on our unique peer review process.

Additionally, we have an open, non-peer-reviewed blog for which we accept submissions on a rolling basis. These blog posts are related to any current topic in music or music research and are short and informal in nature. Blog posts are also reviewed by our board of editors, though the review process is more rigorous for the biannual collections.

The CMR editorial board is excited to receive your submissions and suggestions. You can reach us for any other inquiries at currentsinmusicresearch@umich.edu.

— The Currents in Music Research Editorial Team