My New Publication on the Search for Close Companions to the Y-dwarf WISE1828+2650 with JWST/NIRCam

Check out my new paper accepted by the Astrophysical Journal searching for close companions to WISE1828+2650. With the James Webb Space Telescope, the JWST NIRCam GTO team observed WISE1828+2650 with NIRCam and NIRISS with 7 different filters. With the F360M filter, we constructed empirical PSF models based on the other point sources in the field of view and performed a PSF-fitting routine to search for close companions. We find that a single PSF and a double PSF fit the data equally well (i.e. no evidence for a companion), while we define detection limits down to 50 milli-arcseconds (0.8 pixels in the long-wave channel) or 0.5 au at 10 pc. We fit spectral models to the photometry finding that both single and double object fits are equally poor models, and require further exploration with NIRSpec and MIRI spectroscopy to obtain an accurate model of the source’s atmosphere.