“If you want to do it, do it!
If you need to say it, say it!
If you want them to know it, teach it!
People are deaf to silence, blind to inaction; and ignorant until taught.”

— Detroit Initiative Alumni


Established in 1995, the Detroit Initiative seeks to provide opportunities for students and faculty to engage in further education, service, and research in the Detroit area through a focus on community-identified priorities.

We accomplish this mission through the following goals:

  • To work in partnership with community partner organizations
  • To respond to community-identified priorities and needs by linking University resources with community partners
  • To prepare students for graduate school, professional and/or leadership roles within communities and non-profits
  • To provide meaningful and relevant opportunities for student learning, reflection, and professional development
  • To increase student knowledge regarding community intervention methods, social justice, and multi-culturalism in relationship to communities in Detroit