Here is a short video made by former DHSP students, describing their experiences in the program:

The video was produced, directed, and edited by Kim-Ngan Nguyen (DHSP 2016-2017) and features:

Adrianna Ackerman 2016-2017
Ralf Bejko 2016-2017
Emma Bersch 2019-2020
Fernando Carretero 2016-2017
Kelley Catton 2016-2017
Mark Conger
Alex Dailey 2017-2018
Noah Gilson 2018-2019
Annalise Guitar 2016-2017
Darius Moore 2016-2017
Sofia Perez 2019-2020
Benancio Rodriguez 2016-2017
Brendan Schornack 2018-2019
Dustin Stabinski 2017-2018