Monday, Sept. 28th: “Visualizing Fascism” Book Discussion

Welcome back to another semester with the European History Workshop!  Please join us on Monday, September 28th, from 4-5:30  pm via zoom for a discussion with Professors Geoff Eley, Betrand Metton, and Paul Barclay of their new edited volume:

Visualizing Fascism: The Twentieth-Century Rise of the Global Right.

As described by Duke Press, “Visualizing Fascism argues that fascism was not merely a domestic menace in a few European nations, but arose as a genuinely global phenomenon in the early twentieth century. Contributors use visual materials to explore fascism’s populist appeal in settings around the world, including China, Japan, South Africa, Slovakia, and Spain. This visual strategy allows readers to see the transnational rise of the right as it fed off the agitated energies of modernity and mobilized shared political and aesthetic tropes.”


PDFs of the book will be given to attendees of the workshop.  If you would like to attend, please email Cheyenne Pettit ( to RSVP.