Join the Research Team

Are you interested in gaining research experience by working as a research assistant? Being involved in a research lab is a great way to experience, first-hand, how psychological knowledge is generated. Even if you have not contemplated a career in research or academia, being a research assistant gives you invaluable experience in critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork with faculty members and graduate students.

If you are a research assistant in my lab, you will work closely with myself and a team of graduate students. You will participate in many aspects of research, such as the design and distribution of surveys, conducting experiments, content-analysis/coding, data analysis,  literature search/reviews, and more! Most students who work in my lab are work study students, UROP students, or students receiving psychology credit for their research work (e.g., Psychology 326). I do not offer paid research assistant positions.

Here are some criteria I look for in research assistants:

  • Commitment to work a minimum of 9 hours a week
  • Regular attendance in weekly lab meetings
  • Teamwork: Help other lab members solve problems, provide assistance to other lab members’ projects when needed
  • Communication skills: Active discussion of research process and ideas in lab meetings, open to feedback, appraise collaborators of progress/problems
  • Passion for learning how to do research in social/organizational psychology: Prior research experience is not necessary, but it is important that research assistants have a strong interest in the type of research we are conducting in the lab, and are willing and open to learning different aspects of psychological research
  • Careful attention to detail
  • Curiosity about research science and psychological questions
  • Quick learner of different research skills and tasks
  • Reliability: On time for meetings and deadlines, accountability in fulfilling responsibilities

If you are interested, please send me an email (; with “Interest in Research Assistant Position” in the subject line). Please include the following information in your email:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Hours you can work
  • Your prior work and research experience (if any)
  • Your major (or intended major if you have not declared)
  • Your transcript
  • A brief description of what you want to get out of being a research assistant in my lab
  • Read a few of my recent research papers: which one do you find most interesting and why?