The Department of Afroamerican and African Studies Department

Spring 2018 AAS 440 African Cinema

Fall 2014 AAS 358 Topics in Black World Studies- The Idea of Freedom: Reading Alice Walker’s Work

Summer 2014 AAS 495 Senior Seminar- African Cinema: Reading Ousmane Sembene’s Work

Winter 2014 AAS 458 Issues in Black World Studies- Human Rights and LGBTI in Sub-Saharan Africa

Fall 2012 AAS 490Special Topics in Black World Studies- Translating the Slave Trade: Reading a Different Experience 

Winter 2007 CAAS 490 Special Topics in Black World Studies- South African Cinema

Winter 2007 CAAS 600 Interdisciplinary Approaches to African, African American, and Black Transnational Studies- African Paris: Histories of Literature and Race and Rethinking Negritude in Imperial France (Crosslisted with Complit 791 and History 796)

The Department of Comparative Literature 

Fall 2014 Complit 260 Europe and Its Others: Crossing Borders

Fall 2013 Europe and It’s Others: Crossing Borders (Crosslisted with Honors 251)

Fall 2010 Complit 750 Topics in Comparative Literature-Reprendre: The Colonial Library and the Modern African Subject

Winter 2007 Complit 791 Seminar in Literary Theory: African Paris: Histories of Literature and Race and Rethinking Negritude in Imperial France (Crosslisted with History 796 and CAAS 600)

Fall 2007 Complit 796 Topics in History- African Paris: Histories and Literature of Race and Rethinking Negritude in Imperial France

Winter 2005 Complit 761 Seminar in Literature and the Other Arts: Cinema and Society in French Speaking Africa

Fall 2004 Complit 260 Europe and It’s Others: Women Writing Africa: Interculturality and the Fragmentation of Identity West African Literature (Crosslisted as Honors Sophomore Seminar: Reading Race in the French-Speaking Space)

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures – French

Winter 2011 French 270 French and Francophone Literature and Culture: African Cinema: Reading Ousmane Sembene’ Images

Fall 2010 French 450 Special Studies- Love and Governmentality: Philosophy in Francophone Literature 

Fall 2006 French 855 Special Topics Seminar- French Critical Theory: Louis Althusser, Michel Foucault, Roland Barthes, Gilles Deleuze and Feliz Guattari

Winter 2007 French 375 Cinema and Society in the Francophone World- Film, Meida, and Culture Cinema and Social Discourse: A Poetic of Friendship in Francophone Film

Honors Courses

Fall 2013 Honors 251 Humanities Seminar-Europe and It’s Others: Crossing Borders 

Fall 2006 Honors 251 Sophomore Seminar- Rethinking Negritude within Black Intellectual Thought: 1930-1949