Where Historians Work

Created by the American Historical Association, this database of 8,515 historians who graduated from US universities between 2004 and 2013 “provides the fullest picture  of PhD careers available for any discipline.”

The tab displaying information for careers beyond the professoriate is particularly interesting. It details the occupations – ranging from a single “pest control officer” to 363 “post-secondary education administrators” – of the 53% of historians who do not work in tenure track roles at 4-year institutions. Part of the AHA’s broader commitment to career diversity, the database “allows current and potential graduate students to understand the full scope of career options open to history PhDs[.]”

Analogous, if less-detailed, information about doctoral programs at the University of Michigan is available from Rackham and updated in December of each year. Other projects tracking the career trajectories of PhDs through an institutional lens rather than a disciplinary one include the University of Toronto and Stanford University.