PhD Connections: A Career Conference

April 13, 2018 Register Here for the University of Michigan’s First PhD Connections Conference PhD Connections is a new, one-day career conference designed to support doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows in their exploration of career paths beyond academe. Co-sponsored by the University Career Center and Rackham Graduate School, PhD students and postdoctoral scholars will learn about non-faculty career opportunities through selecting from a series of eight panels with over 30 PhD’s working in diverse fields, and workshops focused on career exploration and job search preparation. Participants will have the opportunity […]

Transferring Skills and Building New Ones at Michigan Publishing

By Catalina Esguerra, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures This past summer, I had the opportunity to work with Michigan Publishing, a part of the UM library system and home to the University of Michigan Press and Michigan Publishing Services. Specifically, my fellowship was with their Editorial and Marketing department. I was tasked with researching competing presses – from their publishing plans to their website platforms – in order to identify Michigan’s strengths and areas for improvement directed at their Marketing and Acquisitions efforts. Before beginning the fellowship, […]

(Re)learning to Write

By Cecilia Morales, Doctoral Candidate in English Given that one of my goals in applying for a Mellon Fellowship was to discover the Ann Arbor community beyond the walls of UofM, my position as the Communications Intern at the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation (AAACF) was the perfect fit. AAACF maintains an extensive network of connections to donors and nonprofits in Washtenaw County, holding endowments that benefit a wide range of individuals and institutions. In short, they know a lot of people, and they have a deep influence on the community. […]

Filibustering History

Filibustering History is a collection of podcasts created by Southern New Hampshire University featuring interviews with historians pursuing a variety of careers. A series of 20-30 minute interviews with a range of professionals including an archivist, a preservation compliance officer, a military staff historian, a grade school teacher, and a consultant – among others – provides a perspective on careers outside of traditional academia. Interviewees also get to talk about their research interests and current projects.

Winter Semester Course – “Public Humanities at the Crossroads”

In Winter 2018 Professor Julie Ellison (English Language and Literature) will be teaching “Public Humanities at the Crossroads.” Part of Rackham’s Mellon Public Humanities initiative, the seminar asks students to take an interdisciplinary approach to the topic and is framed around three questions – “What is the public project of cultural fields now? What do publicly active humanists do? Where, how, and with whom do you start?” Course requirements include developing a collaborative relationship with a regional non-profit. Participation will provide experience in conceptualizing and writing grants, managing projects, and working […]

Imagine PhD – Free online Career Exploration and Planning

Launched in October 2017, ImaginePhD is a free online career exploration and planning tool for PhD students and postdoctoral scholars in the humanities and social sciences. Users create a free account to access self-assessment tools, evaluate career-related skills, explore careers paths appropriate to their disciplines, create self-defined goals, and map out next steps for career and professional development success.

Quick Start Guide for Faculty Mentors

Wondering how to effectively mentor students if your knowledge of careers outside the professoriate is limited? We put together a Quick Start Guide for our website. It provides guidelines on how to begin conversations with your students on professional development.  

A linguist in tech: designing healthcare conversations

By Shana Melnysyn Dr. Joseph Tyler received his PhD in Linguistics in 2012. He is a Conversation Designer at Sensely. How do you talk to a computer? How does it listen and understand your words? How do you make a computer produce utterances that a human can understand? Dr. Joseph Tyler addresses these questions every day in his role in voice user interface design. Dr. Tyler uses his linguistic expertise in intonation and meaning as a Conversation Designer at a healthcare-related startup called Sensely. Sensely is a smartphone app that connects users […]

Answering a Calling in a High School History Classroom

By Shana Melnysyn Dr. Gene Cassidy is a high school history teacher at Miss Porter’s School. He received his PhD in History from U of M in 2015. Every morning when he wakes up, Dr. Gene Cassidy feels like he “won the lottery.” He absolutely loves his job as a high school history teacher at the independent Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, Connecticut. He describes it as his “calling,” and says it “fulfills [him] in ways that no other job ever could.” If he were rich, he says, this is […]

Career Exploration Activity Packet

The Modern Language Association’s Connected Academics site offers this useful resource to help you actively assess your skills, interests, and values as you think about your career path after the PhD. The career exploration activity packet includes hands-on exercises using real job listings for both tenure track and non-faculty jobs to help you think about how to work towards a career that suits you. MLA Career Exploration Activity Packet: Skills Self-Assessment, Job Ad Analysis, and Next Steps