Ty’s 17O speleothem paper is published in GCA

Check out Tyler Huth‘s new paper reporting triple oxygen isotope data for speleothems in the western US.  The paper is the first product from Ty’s postdoc work and the first IPL effort to work on what we can learn about paleoclimate from 17O in speleothems. It also has some basic data about the basics of how triple oxygen isotopes work in carbonates. The highlights from the paper include

  • New framework for interpreting triple oxygen isotope variability in speleothems.
  • Results from our lab’s results on the triple oxygen isotope fractionation between water and carbonate.
  • Explanation for how to use the combination Δ′17O data to  assess within-cave kinetics.

As part of this paper, Ty did a ton of behind-the-scenes work to improve the measurements and data analysis in the lab which is also helping studies led by others and data comparison between labs.

Huth TE, Passey BH, Cole JE, Lachniet MS, McGee D, Denniston RF, Levin NE, A framework for triple oxygen isotopes in speleothem paleoclimatology, Geochimica et Cosmochimica  Acta, doi.org/10.1016/j.gca.2021.11.002.