Ty’s 17O speleothem paper is published in GCA

Check out Tyler Huth‘s new paper reporting triple oxygen isotope data for speleothems in the western US.  The paper is the first product from Ty’s postdoc work and the first IPL effort to work on what we can learn about paleoclimate from 17O in speleothems. It also has some basic data about the basics of how triple oxygen isotopes work in carbonates. The highlights from the paper include

  • New framework for interpreting triple oxygen isotope variability in speleothems.
  • Results from our lab’s results on the triple oxygen isotope fractionation between water and carbonate.
  • Explanation for how to use the combination Δ′17O data to  assess within-cave kinetics.

As part of this paper, Ty did a ton of behind-the-scenes work to improve the measurements and data analysis in the lab which is also helping studies led by others and data comparison between labs.

Huth TE, Passey BH, Cole JE, Lachniet MS, McGee D, Denniston RF, Levin NE, A framework for triple oxygen isotopes in speleothem paleoclimatology, Geochimica et Cosmochimica  Acta, doi.org/10.1016/j.gca.2021.11.002.

laminated soil carbonate field work in Capitol Reef

In September, Ty Huth (red hat) and Ben Passey (olive hat) met up with Amy Ellwein (white hat), Thure Cerling (no hat) and Dave Marchetti (green hat) in the Capitol Reef / Thousand Lakes Plateau area to study and collect laminated soil carbonate rinds.  This is part of an NSF-funded project to examine the use of laminated carbonate rinds for reconstructing late Pleistocene paleoclimate and vegetation distributions.

Ty at the campsite using a diamond-blade wet saw to section a carbonate rind.

Overturned Boulder with Carbonate Rind

the CZ17O team visits the George Reserve

Julia is gearing up the local field work operation now that the CZ17O project has officially started. On Friday Julia, Naomi, Miriam, Margaret, Kirsten and Natalie headed to the Edwin S. George Reserve (ESGR) to check on the soil carbonates at the site and to check on the soil CO2 and temperature loggers that were buried.

Miriam and Margaret undergrads and new to the project and to IPL. This was a great way to get them started!

welcome back to the lab Kirsten!!!

Undergrad Kirsten returns to the lab for the summer, after returning from Camp Davis. Welcome back Kirsten! It’s great to be able to have you back working in the lab after the long pandemic delay.  Kirsten will be learning the ropes on the mass specs this summer – starting with clumped isotope measurements and then moving to 17O measurements.

17O Geochemical Society Workshop

Ben represents the lab at the virtual Geochemical Society workshop and provided an overview of the active work in IPL in the talk, Triple oxygen isotopes in carbonates and biological apatites: Applications to continental paleoclimate reconstruction.

The Dec. 18 workshop was a full day of 17O talks given by authors of the different chapters in the latest volume of Reviews in Mineralogy & Geochemistry.



Natalie and Sarah passed prelims

Exciting times in the IPL! In the past month we have had 2 PhD students pass their candidacy exams! Congrats to Natalte and Sarah on getting through that and looking forward to the next few years of research!