The Iso Paleo Lab houses two Nu Perspective IRMS mass spectrometers, a EuroVector EA3000 and HT-PyrOH, a NuCarb device for traditional carbon and oxygen isotopes, a Thermo Fisher ISQ 7000 GC-MS, a fully automated clumped isotope preparation line, a semi-automated triple oxygen isotope preparation line, a manual water fluorination line, a multi-purpose vacuum extraction line, and ovens, balances, glassware, fume hoods, and other equipment used in experiments and sample preparation. We have a separate space where we do our dirty sample prep work and fabricate parts for custom devices. We also make use of resources in other  facilities in UM Earth & Environmental Sciences and in the UM Scientific Instrument Shop.

Triple Oxygen Isotope Analyses

Clumped Isotopes in Carbonates and CO2

We are set up as a “recharge facility” and have collaborative and contract rates for different analyses with varying guidance levels for internal UM and non-UM users.

If you’re interested in conducting analyses at IPL, contact Naomi or Ben for rates, the upcoming lab schedule, and details on how we operate.