Antiracist Lessons: Webinars

Building on the Origin Stories podcast conversations, each guest scholar will also hold a presentation and discussion in which to share a particular text/concept/methodological problem for consideration in an online setting. Titled “Antiracist Lessons,” guests will describe how they incorporate DEI awareness and antiracist pedagogy into their particular research and teaching agendas.


1. Promote greater awareness of the value of intersectional analysis of structures of oppression

2. Perform and disseminate collaborative multidisciplinary research within an antiracist framework

3. Support more equitable access to higher education and new ways of producing knowledge in an equitable manner across multiple academic fields and non-academic spaces of study.


Hwaji Shin: 4/22 12-1:30pm EDT

Takashi Fujitani: 4/29 12-1:30pm EDT

Andrea Mendoza: 5/5 12-1:30pm EDT

Leo Ching: 5/13 12-1:30pm EDT

Annmaria Shimabuku 5/20 7-8:30pm EDT

Zelideth Rivas: 5/27 12-1:30pm EDT

Vyjayanthi Selinger: 6/3 12-1:30pm EDT

Mika Kennedy: 6/10 12-1:30pm EDT

Reginald Jackson: 6/17 12-1:30pm EDT