Feminist Reading Group

Our Feminist Reading Group brings together faculty and graduate students in Japanese Studies, as well as APIA Studies, African-American Studies, Media Studies, American Culture, and Women and Gender Studies. This reading group meets virtually once a month to discuss the intersections of race and gender alongside themes of solidarity, masculinity, incarceration, and social mobility within a larger feminist framework.

Please find below the monthly reading materials and discussion questions.

Session 1: Black Women in the Postwar Pacific Theater

Session 2: Masculinity in Japanese American Incarceration Camps

Session 3: Race and Gender in Japanese Art, Animation, and Popular Culture

Session 4: Afro-Asian Solidarities in the 20th Century Pacific

Session 5: Ethno-Racialization in Japan

Session 6: On Cultural Collaboration, Nonencounter, and the Future of Area Studies

Session 7: Reading Group Reflections