In previous years, judging scores were averaged. This year we are going to be determining scores via Z-score metrics to make scores between judges more comparable. 

Poster Presentation Rubric:

  • For Presenters: You will be assigned four judges, none of which will be affiliated with your primary cluster, and one of which will be a faculty member, post-doc, or industry representative. Please limit your presentation to 10 minutes in length, including time for questions.
  • For Judges: You will be responsible for judging four posters (each 10 minutes in length) during either the morning or the afternoon poster session (80 minutes in length). Please sign up for a cluster which you are comfortable judging but is not your primary affiliation.

Oral Presentation Rubric:

  • Ten student talks will be given, each 10 minutes in length with 5 minutes for questions. Representatives from industry will judge the student talks.