Keynote Lecture

Professor Megan E. Fieser
University of Southern California

As we strive to support our busy and demanding lifestyles, our dependence on disposable plastics has led to a global environmental crisis. The Fieser group aims to address this crisis through the development of degradable plastic alternatives and the repurposing of accumulating plastic waste. While poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) is the third-most mass produced polymer, it has the most harmful end-of-life to the environment. Regardless of if PVC items end up in a landfill or recycling stream, thermal and photochemical degradation cause harmful production of hydrochloric acid, dioxins and leaching of toxic additives. Efforts to use a range of catalytic methods to repurpose waste PVC into high value and/or benign products will be discussed.

Plenary Lecture

(To be determined)

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Nicholas Tomalia