خوش آمدید – Welcome! My name is Cameron Cross (conveniently persianized as Kamran Chalipa), and I teach courses in Persian literature and Iranian studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

I grew up in Evergreen, Colorado and did my undergraduate studies in medieval history and Italian at the University of Colorado at Boulder. After graduating in 2004, I was able to pursue my long-standing dream of studying Persian and Arabic, which I did at the University of Chicago under Franklin Lewis, Heshmat Moayyad, Farouk Mustafa, Tahera Qutbuddin, and many other members of the faculty. I received my Ph.D. in Persian literature in 2015; that same year, I was honored to join the U-M faculty at the Department of Near Eastern Studies.

If I were to pigeon-hole myself, I would probably be known as the “romance guy.” Much of my current work is devoted to medieval (10th–13th centuries) Persian romance and epic (romantic epic? epic romance?). My current book project situates this literature within a larger comparative network of Middle Persian, Greek, Arabic, and European interlocutors. In addition to this work, I am getting increasingly interested in Iranian demons and dragons; maybe in a few years I’ll be called the “monster guy.”

Feel free to browse this site for more information about my teaching and research interests, upcoming projects, snippets of translations and computer stuff, and other resources. Other quick links:

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Latest article out – “The Many Colors of Love”

I am pleased to announce my latest article has been published by Interfaces: A Journal of Medieval European Literatures, in a special volume about love. My contribution is entitled “The Many Colors of Love in Niẓāmī’s Haft Paykar: Beyond the Spectrum”, and it deals with Islamicate love-theory and its application in the stories of the Black and White Domes in the Haft Paykar. Read it here.

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