Open Positions – The Kennedy Group

Multiple Post-doctoral Positions Available in Kennedy Lab, University of Michigan

1) A NIH Funded project aimed at understanding the role of opioid peptides in the brain. This project is collaborative with a neuropharmacologist and involves measuring opioid peptides in samples collected from animal models. Experience with or interest in bioanalysis, neuroscience, capillary liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry are relevant to this project.

2) A NSF Funded project aimed at developing ultra-high resolution liquid chromatography systems and columns and applications to complex mixture analysis. Experience with or interest in bioanalysis, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, and instrument development are relevant to this project.

A post-doctoral position should offer candidates a chance to learn new skills and apply their knowledge in new ways, ultimately to prepare them for the next stage of the candidate’s career. We are ready to train candidates in new skills to further their long term opportunities.

Please contact Prof. Kennedy at rtkenn(at)umich(dot)edu for more details about these positions and projects.

Graduate or Undergraduate Positions

If interested in working in the lab as a graduate or undergraduate student, please send inquiries to Prof. Robert Kennedy at rtkenn(at)umich(dot)edu

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