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  • Abri / Ebru (paper marbling)
  • Colophon (brief statement about a book’s making)
  • Frontispiece (illustrated page (or pages) preceding the title page of a book)
  • Kaʿba (epicenter of the Islamic world and the direction towards which Muslims pray)
  • Khatt (line, trace, writing)
  • Muraqqa‘ (album)
  • Naqqash (decorator, designer)
  • Qalam (pen, especially one made from a dried and cut reed)
  • Safina (oblong-shaped manuscript)
  • Waqf (charitable foundation)

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Yael Rice is associate professor of art history at Amherst College. She received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. She specializes in the art and architecture of South Asia, Central Asia, and Iran, with a particular focus on manuscripts and other portable arts of the fifteenth through eighteenth centuries.