Touching Mecca and Medina: The Dalā’il al-Khayrāt and Devotional Practices

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Touching Mecca and Medina:

The Dalā’il al-Khayrāt and Devotional Practices

Sabiha Göloğlu


This presentation explores a double-page painting of Mecca and Medina included in a late eighteenth-century Ottoman copy of the renowned prayer book entitled Dala’il al-Khayrat (Proofs of Good Deeds). This painting is important because it bears traces of devotional engagement with the images depicting the Kaʿba and the Burial Chamber of the Prophet Muhammad. Among other functions, such religious imagery could serve talismanic purposes by spiritually connecting its viewer to the holy cities, the Prophet, and God through both sight and touch.


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Sabiha Göloğlu, “Touching Mecca & Medina: The Dalā’il al-Khayrāt and Devotional Practices,” Khamseen: Islamic Art History Online, published 28 August 2020.

Sabiha Göloğlu is a post-doc university assistant at the University of Vienna’s Department of Art History. She was previously a research fellow of CAHIM (Connecting Art Histories in the Museum, 2018/2019), a joint research project of the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz–Max-Planck-Institut and the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin–Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz. She received her PhD in Archaeology and History of Art from Koç University, Istanbul.