EARTH 111: Climate and Humankind – Fall  2017, 2018
This mini-course is offered in the second half of Fall semester and will explore interactions between humans and climate, from human origins millions of years ago through the present.

Click here for the syllabus from Fall 2018.

EARTH 144: Climate Change in the Age of Humans – offered next: Fall 2019
This First Year Seminar explores how climate change and humans have influenced each other through time. Focus is placed on understanding the fundamentals of Earth’s climate system and the role of humans in it. The course explores examples of human-climate interactions through a series of case studies, with a focus on the primary data.

Click here for the syllabus from Fall 2017. Although I’ll make some changes, the 2019 course will be similar.

EARTH 467: Stratigraphy and Basin Analysis – offered next: Winter 2019
This course provides an overview of the major concepts and tools underlying correlation, sedimentation, paleogeographic interpretation, regional stratigraphy and sedimentary tectonics. Students should take EARTH 305 prior to EARTH 467 if possible. This class fulfills the Upper Level Writing Requirement (ULWR).

Click here for the W19 syllabus.