Naomi E. Levin : Associate Professor

Naomi E. Levin

Associate Professor

Department of Earth & Environmental SciencesProgram in the Environment

Research Interests: ecosystem and landscape responses to climate change; triple oxygen isotope geochemistry; plant-animal-climate interactions; isotope hydrology; environmental context for human evolution; paleoclimate proxy development; rift basin evolution.

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Sarah Katz : PhD student

Sarah Katz

PhD student

Research interests: water budgets in the Peruvian Andes using triple oxygen isotopes, building paleoclimate records from lacustrine carbonates in Peru using a combination of triple oxygen isotopes and clumped isotope techniques.
Mara Page : MS student

Mara Page

MS student

Research interests: building records of aridity from eastern Africa using fossil teeth.





Emily Beverly (NSF postdoc at UM 2016-2018)
Assistant Professor, University of Houston

Dr. Jessica Moerman, (NSF postdoc at JHU and UM, 2015-2017)
AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow, Department of Energy

Dr. Sophie Lehmann (PhD 2016, JHU)
postdoc at University of Pittsburgh

Nikki DeLuca (PhD student 2014 – present, JHU)

Gabrielle Stephens (JHU undergrad, Class of 2016)

Dr. Shuning Li (PhD 2015, JHU)
faculty at Peking University

Eric Ryberg (JHU undergrad, Class of 2015)
PhD student at Yale

Edward Kardish (JHU undergrad, Class of 2014)

Dr. Zelalem Bedaso (Postdoc 2011- 2013, JHU)
Assistant Professor, University of Dayton

Dr. Rebecca Kraft (PhD 2012, JHU)
Scientist at NIST