Research Team

Maira Areguin

Maira Areguin is dedicated to understanding the experiences of, and advocating for, low-income workers, and particularly Latinx farmworkers. Currently pursuing a joint PhD in Women’s and Gender Studies and Psychology, Maira is using an interdisciplinary approach to study experiences of harassment, incivility, and discrimination among Latina farmworkers and, most recently, to the role of invisibility in farmworkers’ experiences of mistreatment. By extending the concept of invisible work from feminist scholarship on women’s labor in the home to essential workers and farmworkers, Maira’s research seeks to assess how invisibility of these workers and their labor affects their work and wellbeing.


Allura Casanova

Allura Casanova is a graduate student in the Joint Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies PhD program at the University of Michigan. As an interdisciplinary scholar, her research breaks down into three main areas of interest: 1) how men of color conceptualize their own masculinity through the influence of race and culture, and what forms of gender discrimination they experience, 2) how gender expectations and masculinity norms influence men’s mental health and well-being, and finally 3) how sexual harassment manifests differently for men, specifically men of color, who are subject to hypermasculine expectations and fetishism.


Jessica Keibler

Jessica Kiebler is a doctoral candidate in the Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies PhD program. She researches the importance of stereotypes about low-income women in people’s perceptions of their experiences of gender-based mistreatment. She is specifically interested in the role of deservingness and respectability in making judgements about these women’s experiences. Jessica hopes to study the other side of these experiences in future research by trying to understand how these perceptions directly impact low-income women’s perceptions of their own mistreatment.


Silvia Navarro Hernandez

Silvia Navarro Hernandez is pursuing a Joint PhD in Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies. Research interests are focused on the experiences of food service workers, farm workers, and those identified as “essential” during COVID-19. Specifically looking into the impact of intersectional identities of race, socioeconomic status, immigration status, and gender to measure the impact of work demands on their mental and physical health in long-term workers.


Yuliya Shyrokonis

Yuliya Shyrokonis is a Joint PhD student in Social Work and Clinical Psychology and holds a BA in psychology. Her research and professional experiences have spanned sexual and domestic violence, human trafficking, and restorative justice. She is interested in researching novel interventions for perpetrators and survivors of interpersonal violence.


Rouan Salim

Rouan Salim has a BA in Psychology, with a minor in Global Studies, from Wayne State University. Her research interests revolve around the examination of organizational dynamics among vulnerable populations. Specifically, she aims to assess incidences of harassment and incivility among minoritized and marginalized women, refugees, and immigrants. Rouan is also interested in investigating the influence of romance in organizational settings on wellbeing and productivity.


All members of the team above are part of the Gender and Respect in Organizations Lab as well as IDDOL (Identity, Diversity, and Discrimination in Organizations Lab). IDDOL is a scholarly space where students and faculty come together from five different research groups: those of Professors Lilia Cortina, Gigi Awad, Mari Kira, Fiona Lee, and Isis Settles.

Doctoral Alumni

Kathrina (Kathy) Robotham, PhD 2021

Emily Vargas, PhD 2019

Kevin Goodman, PhD 2018 

Kathryn (Katy) Holland, PhD 2017

Verónica Caridad Cruz Rabelo, PhD 2017

Rita Seabrook, PhD 2017

Cathleen Clerkin, PhD 2013

Melanie Henderson, PhD 2013

Elma Lorenzo-Blanco, PhD 2013

Emily Leskinen, PhD 2012

Dana Kabat-Farr, PhD 2012

Lisa Marchiondo, PhD 2012

Quyen Ngo, PhD 2011

Nicky Newton, PhD 2011

Brianna Barker Caza, PhD 2007

Marisela Huerta, PhD 2007

Perry Silverschanz, PhD 2006

Cindy Torges, PhD 2006

Julie Konik, PhD 2005

Sandy Geok Peng Lim, PhD 2005

Kathi Miner, PhD 2004

Sheryl Pimlott Kubiak, PhD 2002