Workplace Incivility Scale

The Workplace Incivility Scale (WIS) is a self-report measure of rude, condescending, and ostracizing experiences on the job. Researchers are welcome to download this scale from the articles below and use it for scholarly purposes. The 2001 article contains the full text of the original 7-item WIS, and the 2013 article contains a revised, 12-item version of the scale. To score the WIS, simply take a sum or mean of all items (there is no separate scoring manual).

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Cortina, L.M., Kabat-Farr, D., Leskinen, E., Huerta, M. & Magley, V.J.  (2013). Selective incivility as modern discrimination in organizations: Evidence and impact. Journal of Management, 39, 1579-1605.