Math Corps at U(M) – Striving for greatness

Welcome to the Math Corps at U(M)!
In October 2021, we will continue our Super Saturdays program – all are welcome!

The Math Corps at the University of Michigan

is a free Summer Camp for middle school students and high school mentors.

Our campers grow mathematically with us over the Summer, and we all have lots of fun!

Math Corps Testimonials

“I liked that everyone here was funny and cool and it was always fun to learn with my CI’s, TA’s, and CA’s, I hope I see everyone next year because this year was amazingly fun.”

Middle School Camper

” I really love being apart of this family and learning new things. Math Corps gave me something to look forward to, I loved seeing what was in store for each day of camp. Math Corps was really fun even if we were doing it virtually, I really enjoyed it this summer and hope I can come back next summer!!”

Middle School Camper

“This was such a positive, inspiring experience for me. I’ve never before felt so cared for or felt such a deep sense of belonging. Math Corps really gave me a nurturing community of people who care about me and have given me a boost of energy and self confidence that has been so valuable and powerful for me during this time. I loved my experience at Math Corps.”

High School TA

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