Welcome to the Math Corps at U(M)!

The Math Corps at the University of Michigan

is a free five-week Summer Camp for middle school students and high school mentors from the Ypsilanti area.

Our Camp will run July 13 – August 14, 2020. We will run a virtual program this Summer.

Applications are now open!

Every single camper improved their math skills during Summer 2019, and we all had lots of fun!

Math Corps Testimonials

“I liked that everyone here was funny and cool and it was always fun to learn with my CI’s, TA’s, and CA’s, I hope I see everyone next year because this year was amazingly fun.”

Middle School Student

“Math Corps is such an amazing program. I’ve become extremely attached to everyone here, and I’m going to miss everyone so so much. Thanks for providing transportation, and free lunches! I really hope I can attend this program next year, and please add a bridge program!”

High School Student

“I loved how, despite being a math camp, it wasn’t about the math. Here, the kids created new bonds and learned so much about themselves. I also love how the program emphasizes so much on the growth mindset.”

High School Student