FAQ – Math Corps at U(M)


Where is the Math Corps at U(M)?

We are located at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, on Central Campus. 

We have a family trip scheduled that conflicts with the Math Corps. Can my child be excused?

The Math Corps philosophy on attendance is this: one cannot learn if one is not present. Therefore, absences due to family trips, vacations, conflicts with other programs, or similar cases are not excused. 

Is the Math Corps an “everyday” program?

During the Summer, whether we are meeting in person or virtually, our camp runs Monday – Thursday. Our doors open at 8:30am for breakfast. We ask that all of our students (middle schoolers and high school TAs) arrive by 9am every day, checking in at the Math Atrium in East Hall. Our middle school students are dismissed at 2:45pm, and our high school teaching assistants are dismissed by 3:20pm. 

Who can apply to be in the Math Corps?

Our program is open to any 6th-12th grade student who attends school in the Ypsilanti or Detroit area. 

My high school student needs help in math. Can they apply?

Yes!  However, due to the special tutoring nature of the position that high school students occupy within the Math Corps, they must at least be proficient in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade Mathematics.  High school students will receive instruction and assistance in their Mathematics courses during the latter part of each program day. 

What supplies does my child need to bring everyday?

All necessary supplies are provided for every student in the Math Corps.  These include: notebook, paper, pencil, journal folder, and a t-shirt, which must be worn every Thursday.

Does your camp provide meals?

When our camp meets in person, we provide a light breakfast, and we provide lunch each day of camp. 

Is transportation provided?

When our camp meets in person, we provide transportation from Ypsilanti to Ann Arbor and back again. We have a bus that leaves from Ypsilanti Community Middle School each day, stopping at Ypsilanti Community High School on the way to Ann Arbor. In the afternoons, our bus will depart from East Hall, returning to Ypsilanti, stopping at Ypsilanti Community High School, and then at Ypsilanti Community Middle School. 

We will also provide city bus tokens for our students. 

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