Teaching – Maya Barzilai


At the University of Michigan, I teach courses in comparative visual culture, such as “Screening Jewish Cultures” and “Comics and Conflict: Reframing the Middle East.” My courses are open to all students across campus and do not assume any prior knowledge. In my classes, I provide students with the tools to become independent and critical thinkers, engaged with their own societies and invested in learning about past cultures.

A native-born Israeli, I also enjoy teaching advanced Hebrew literature and language courses, such as “Ethnicity in Israeli Literature and Culture.” In my Hebrew-language courses, students attain an ability to converse more fluently about Israeli politics, society, and culture.

On the graduate level, I teach courses in philosophy of language, multilingualism, and translation studies, such as “Sacred Languages, Secular Translations.” I mentor graduate students in the fields of modern Hebrew and Yiddish literature, German-Jewish culture, visual studies and translation studies.

Shirin Abedinirad, Tower of Babel

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