I have been collaborating with students since 2005 to tailor innovative technologies to the specific needs of an arts and humanities classroom. This interest burgeoned when I was co-director of the LSA Theme Semester on Translation in Fall 2012 (see article “Translation Gains New Ground in American Academia” in Publishing Perspectives), which included helping to design the Translation at Michigan website and overseeing the development of That Translation Game! (see the LSA article, “Homer Meets Hip Hop”) and helping to organize a lecture by Google Translate lead developer Josh Estelle where he played That Translation Game! I have worked with an interdisciplinary team of collaborators to further develop the teaching technologies first conceived of for the Translation Theme Semester, through the MCubed project Building Translation Networks at Michigan, which was subsequently awarded a Transforming Learning for the Third Century grant (Discovery Phase) for the 2014-15 school year (“A Translation Interface across Categories”) and Digital Education and Innovation funding in Fall 2015 to continue development on the Translation Networks suite of tools. That project has led to a collaboration with Sayan Bhattacharyya, a CLIR postdoctoral fellow at the University of Illinois’s HathiTrust Research Center. (See his blog post on an in-class exercise we conducted in Fall 2015.) In 2018 I began collaborating with librarian Barbara Alvarez, artist Heidi Kumao, and game engineer Bruce Maxim to create a related interactive library game called “Automaton in the Collections” through MCubed 2.0 funding. Please read more about the resulting interactive game Collect/Connect and other projects at our WordPress site about Translation Networks.