I teach undergraduate and graduate courses on various aspects of Asian history, including ASIAN 258: Food and Drink of Asia. I mentor graduate students through the teaching of advanced seminars as well as through active collaboration on research projects. The seminars include ASIAN 535: History of Chinese Science, and ASIAN 585: Historical Studies of Food in China. My teaching philosophy puts heavy emphasis on collaborative and experiential learning.

For information about my class offerings, please click the links

Asian Studies 258: Food and Drink of Asia

Asian Studies 260: Introduction to Chinese Civilization (Cross-listed with History)

Asian Studies 351: Chinese Food in Crisis: Health, Ecology, and Identity in an Age of Globalization

Asian Studies 361: Food in China

Asian Studies 366: Controversies in Contemporary China

Asian Studies 370: Acupuncture, Historical and Contemporary Transformations

Asian Studies 381: Junior-Senior Colloquium

Asian Studies 551: “Practicum” in Asian Studies; Medical Encounters in Asia

Asian Studies 585: Historical Studies of Food in China