Mexico Attacks by M. G. Moscato

Artist’s Statement

“Mexico Attacks” is a series of visual/erasure works that employ old printed matter with text from the original card backs that has been subjectively processed and reconfigured as erasures. The xenophobic idea that Mexican immigrants (as well as others) are invaders that threaten U.S. national security is nothing short of absurd. (Indeed it would be outright laughable if not for the fact that they’ve been rhetorically, repeatedly framed as such over the years.) So I ran with that—and dialed it up to an apocalyptic, sci-fi scale. While many others (including myself) have grappled with this topic in far more somber terms, I was curious to explore it with a satirical approach.

M. G. Moscato teaches at Virginia Commonwealth University and has worked as a book editor. Work appears or is forthcoming in Harpur Palate, The Hardball Times, and Raritan.

Categorized as Issue Two