About Us

MQR Mixtape is a new, online imprint of Michigan Quarterly Review. Four times a year, guest curators will select eclectic texts and audiovisual material from a diverse group of writers and artists.

In addition to short stories, essays, and poetry, MQR Mixtape welcomes work that isn’t standard fare in most literary journals.

A non-exhaustive list of the type of work Mixtape welcomes:

  • Multimedia work
  • Collaborations (within and across disciplines)
  • Archival materials
  • Genre fiction (including, but not limited to, detective fiction and speculative fiction)
  • Science writing
  • Correspondences
  • Conversations
  • The opening pages of works in progress
  • Photo essays
  • Personal photo albums
  • Short films
  • Home movies
  • Meditations on favorite poems or stories
  • Recorded conversations and podcast-style recordings
  • Erasures
  • Flash fiction
  • Short plays
  • Reminiscences

MQR Mixtape pays all contributors.